Modification of Child Custody

Helping You Protect Your Parental Rights Following Divorce Or Parental Separation

As children grow and family situations change, child custody agreements or judgments may need to be modified. Our Charlotte family law firm can assist you in protecting your parental rights when seeking or preventing the modification of your child custody agreement/order.

To modify an existing child custody agreement or court order, you must demonstrate to the court that there has been a change of circumstances that affects the best interest of the child, whether that be positive or negative.

What are some reasons to modify child custody?

  • Parental unfitness due to drug use, alcohol abuse or domestic violence
  • The custodial parent is unable to provide care due to a busy work schedule, illness or incarceration
  • The child wants to live with the other parent for valid reasons, including access to schools
  • The custodial parent is moving away

Modification Of Separation Agreements Or Court Orders

Enforcing child custody and visitation may be different, depending on whether the parties negotiated these matters in a private agreement or through the court (order or judgment).

Therefore, it is always good to speak with an experienced family law attorney about your options for modification of child custody before taking any action. We will help you make informed decisions that protect your rights.

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