Modification of Child Support

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North Carolina courts apply two different standards when determining a modification of child support, depending on whether the original child support amount was set forth in a private Separation Agreement or in a court order.

If child support is agreed upon by the parties in a Separation Agreement, the party who wants to modify support must show the amount of support necessary to meet the "reasonable" needs of the child(ren) during the hearing. The amount agreed upon by the parties is presumed to be reasonable, but is only one factor to be considered at a hearing.

However, if a court order for child support is to be modified, the party must show "a substantial and material change in circumstances." The moving party has a higher burden to show the court that a change is necessary.

Common Reasons For The Modification Of Child Support

  • Change in income of one or both parties
  • Child(ren)'s needs have changed
  • Change in residences

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