Lawyers For Contempt Of A Judgment

Do You Need To File A Motion For Contempt?

An alimony and child support order may be enforced by the contempt powers of the court. If financial support is not paid in a timely fashion, you may enforce the judgment through a motion for contempt.

If your court judgment in North Carolina includes a provision that you are to receive spousal support and your ex-spouse is in arrears, don't try to handle the matter through an informal arrangement. If you do, the agreement with our ex-spouse will not stand up in court and you may lose leverage of raising the matter to the level of criminal contempt. Penalties for criminal contempt can include paying attorneys' fees, a heavy fine and possible jail time.

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Are You Facing Charges Of Contempt Of Your Judgment?

We also represent clients who are unable to meet the terms of their court judgment and face the threat of a motion for contempt. We will review your circumstances and advise you about options for negotiating a fair settlement for petitioning the court for a modification of terms of the judgment.

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