Attorneys For Enforcing Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements are legally binding, but they are not court judgments. The terms and conditions of a Separation Agreement for child custody, child support or alimony are subject to enforcement or may be modified through the courts.

If you are currently living under the terms of a certified Separation Agreement leading up to your final divorce judgment in North Carolina and need to enforce the terms, talk to a lawyer at Coggin Law, PLLC, in Charlotte. Our attorneys have been leading clients through issues related to enforcement of Separation Agreements and contempt of court judgments for more than 10 years. We will review the terms of your existing agreement and determine whether your best option is to file an enforcement proceeding or negotiate a modification with the other party. In many cases, it makes more sense to work toward an agreement that is realistic, rather than fight to enforce something that will only result in court costs.

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