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Divorce Is The End Result, Not The Beginning Of The Legal Separation Process

Coggin Law, PLLC, in Charlotte, focuses exclusively on North Carolina family law. Many people think filing for divorce is the first step in the process to dissolve their marriage. In fact, the actual divorce judgment comes only at the end of a legal process that begins when spouses separate. This process typically involves entering into a private Separation Agreement that covers your marital property/debt, spousal support and children's issues (custody and support). Even though North Carolina statutes require that you be separated for one year before obtaining a divorce, you can immediately move forward with solidifying your rights in a private separation and property settlement agreement.

"Judges expect parties to find solutions through alternative dispute resolution, if at all possible. We come to the table prepared with every detail to protect your rights and financial interests. If negotiation or mediation isn't effective, you will never find a more prepared separation and divorce lawyer than Gerry Coggin to fight for your rights in court." Attorney Courtney Carter

We Start By Protecting Your Rights During The Separation

If you are considering filing for divorce or have been served a Complaint for Divorce, you should consider putting in place a Separation Agreement during the course of the legal process. We work with you to develop an agreement that covers temporary spousal support, child custody, child support, visitation rights, and a workable property settlement of marital assets and debts. Over the course of the divorce process — which may take a year or more to finalize — we determine what will work best for you, and negotiate terms with an opposing party or his or her counsel, if your spouse has legal representation.

Matters to be considered during the separation period:

  • Premarital and postnuptial agreements, if either of these were executed before or after your date of marriage
  • Division of property, assets and debts — classification as marital or separate property
  • Issues involving children — custody, visitation rights and child support
  • Post-separation support and alimony — temporary financial maintenance and permanent support
  • If private negotiations and/or mediation fail, the filing of a lawsuit to protect your rights
  • Litigation against parties held responsible for causing your divorce — alienation of affection and criminal conversation

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