Lawyers To Help You Through Post Judgement Modification

 In North Carolina, if you are unable to continue meeting the terms of your original Separation Agreement or court judgment for child support or spousal support, there are legal avenues available to modify the terms.

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Before you run into a situation involving contempt of a judgment or enforcement of an agreement, talk to an attorney at Coggin Law, PLLC, in Charlotte. We will review your circumstances and explain your options for moving ahead with filing a petition to formally modify your judgment or agreement.

Many people try to work out an informal arrangement to change the condition or terms of their judgment or agreement. Don't. Unless the modification is adjudicated through the courts, it will not stand up in court in the event of a dispute or enforcement litigation. We will contact the other party and negotiate a modification that is acceptable to both parties. We will then submit the new settlement through the courts to make it official.


Modifying Alimony

Alimony may be modified if an award of spousal support is made through an order, either a consent order or an order handed down by the court after litigation. The standard for the modification of alimony is that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the entry of the last order relating to the financial obligation. Alimony may not be modified if it is dealt with in aseparation property settlement agreement or a premarital agreement.

Modifying Child Support

Your child support may be modified if you can demonstrate sufficient loss of income or change in circumstances. In most cases, this requires the loss of a job. However, if your child's needs have changed along with your financial situation and you feel a reduction in child support is justified, you have the right to petition the court for a change.